• Complete Services Ireland

    Complete Services Ireland are a provider of a various number of services to a range of different properties and facilities throughout the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford areas. At present some of the services we provide include window cleaning, house deep cleaning and domestic appliance repair i.e. washing machine repair, cooker repair, dishwasher repair etc.Complete Services Ireland are a provider of... Read More...

    How Does your Washing Machine Work?

    Have you ever wondered what is inside your washing machine that actually makes it clean your clothes? Your washing machine has probably cleaned your clothes hundreds of times  for you without you knowing how. You just put the clothes inside along with a softener and cleaner, turn it on and just walk away from it to wait for it to finish. Get Started Before you actually atte... Read More...
  • How To Use A Steam Mop Properly

    Steam mops are available in many shapes and sizes. Some come with various attachments for many other applications besides just cleaning your floors. Steam mops are generally considered more efficient and easier to use than the usual more conventional mops. Also when you use a steam mop to clean your floors you don't only clean up the dirt but you actual sanitise the floor killing many forms of har... Read More...
  • CSI van

    New van logo

                                   Just thought I would show off our new van stickers.

    ...

    A tumble dryer works similar to a washing machine except for the introduction of water of course. Clothes are put into a drum where heating element is used to introduce hot air into the heart of the tumble dryer. A drive motor then spins the drum which agitates the hot air around the clothes and therefore drying them. In a condenser tumble dryer the moisture from the clothes within the ... Read More...

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