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A tumble dryer works similar to a washing machine except for the introduction of water of course. Clothes are put into a drum where heating element is used to introduce hot air into the heart of the tumble dryer. A drive motor then spins the drum which agitates the hot air around the clothes and therefore drying them. In a condenser tumble dryer the moisture from the clothes within the tumble dryer is collected in a collection drawer or as many people that have purchased a condenser tumble dryer that these very modern tumble dryers have a drain pump that can pump the water from the condenser drawer to a drain similar to a washing machine. Therefore you do not need to regularly empty the drawer of your tumble dryer

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                               Just thought I would show off our new van stickers.

How To Use A Steam Mop Properly

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Steam mops are available in many shapes and sizes. Some come with various attachments for many other applications besides just cleaning your floors. Steam mops are generally considered more efficient and easier to use than the usual more conventional mops. Also when you use a steam mop to clean your floors you don’t only clean up the dirt but you actual sanitise the floor killing many forms of harmful bacteria. Here are some general rules to use before cleaning your floors with a steam mop.

Prepare The Floor

It is very important that you vacuum or sweep the floor to ensure that it is free from any large particles. The microfibre mop pad on the head of the steam mop is designed to pick up only small particles and dust.

Be Careful Where You Use It

When you are using a steam mop for the first time on your floors it is wise to survey the surface of them first.

Tiles-almost all tiled floors are OK to use a steam mop on them because of the way tiles are manufactured.

Vinyl-floors that are covered with vinyl are also generally safe for steam cleaning but you have to make sure that the steam mop is not in contact with the same part of the floor for an extended period of time. After all, vinyl is a plastic and can be susceptible to heat which can alter it permanently.

Laminate Wood Floors-this is where many users make huge mistakes and can often ruin a perfectly good wooden floor in a room so great care needs to be taken before introducing steam to laminate floors. Most laminate floor boards consist of a hard laminate surface glued to a carrier that is made from pulped wood particles. The heat from the steam mop can effect the glue composition of the edges and the joints of the boards which can lead to cracks appearing and the moisture of the steam can damage the underside causing the laminate to lift.

Have Sufficient Mop Pads Available

Mop pads have come down in cost in the last few years so keeping a good stock of them has become feasible for most people. Some people purchase a separate mop for each of the floors that they regularly steam mop. They are also washable and can last a long time if they are looked after properly.

Remember: you can’t clean a floor if you are using dirty mop pads.

Now you have some general tips for using a steam mop you can get going.

How Does your Washing Machine Work?

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Have you ever wondered what is inside your washing machine that actually makes it clean your clothes? Your washing machine has probably cleaned your clothes hundreds of times  for you without you knowing how. You just put the clothes inside along with a softener and cleaner, turn it on and just walk away from it to wait for it to finish.

Get Started

Before you actually attempt to wash your clothes there are a few decisions you need to make. There are numerous  settings that you can select to ensure that your clothes are washed properly without any disasters occurring such as them changing shape or size and having coloured dyes running throughout the load. Modern washing machines are much easier to operate than the ones of old. You need to select the correct temperature for the clothes to be washed and also the correct washing cycle for them. For example if you are washing woollen items the temperature is usually displayed on the label of the garment which needs to be adhered to and a washing cycle that is compatible with wool. A suitable detergent and/of softener  needs to be added to the wash box. Now that you have the basics done you can start the wash.

First  Step

The door will automatically lock and will not open until the washing cycle is complete or you press the stop button. You will hear water will enter the washing machine which is usually coming from a hose that also feeds the cold tap on your sink. This enters via a solenoid valve at the back of the machine behind the panels. Most modern washings have only one solenoid for cold water entry while many older machines can be plumbed for hot water and cold water. The water travels through the soap box where it picks up the detergent before travelling in to the drum. There is also a level switch in place that will deactivate the water inlet solenoid when the required level is reached.

Second Step

The water is then heated. There is a heating element within the drum of the washing machine which is used to heat the water. The element will continue to heat the water until the temperature reaches the setting that you selected earlier before starting the cycle. This temperature is controlled by a thermostat which will turn on and off the element as required.

Third Step

When the correct temperature has been reached the drum will then start to turn in one direction. If you observe your washing machine when it is in cycle you notice that at times the drum will stop and then start turning in the opposite direction. The speed of rotation and the duration may also vary. The rotation of the drum is achieved by the use of a drive motor and belt system. This again is controlled by the cycle you selected earlier.

Fourth Step

At this point in the cycle the clothes should be washed sufficiently. The water now needs to be removed from the drum. There is a small extract pump located under the drum which is used for removing the water from the washing machine. This will pump the water out and in to a pipe which leads to a drain at the back of the washing machine.

Fifth Step

The majority of the water has now been removed from the drum of your washing machine but your clothes will still be very wet. The washing machine will now go in to a spinning cycle which will rotate the drum very fast which will displace most of the remaining water. Again the pump will remove the excess water.

Last Step

At this point the washing machine will be satisfied that the selected cycle is complete and it will now allow you to open the door. Your clothes should be washed as you intended.

If, for any reason, your washing machine does not clean your clothes as efficiently as you have expected or the cycle does not finish you may need to contact your local domestic appliance repair specialist. Complete Services Ireland (CSI) are the expert washing machine repair company that services Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford.

Complete Services Ireland

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Complete Services Ireland are a provider of a various number of services to a range of different properties and facilities throughout the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford areas. At present some of the services we provide include window cleaning, house deep cleaning and domestic appliance repair i.e. washing machine repair, cooker repair, dishwasher repair etc.Complete Services Ireland are a provider of a various number of services to a range of different properties and facilities throughout the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford areas. At present some of the services we provide include window cleaning, house deep cleaning and domestic appliance repair i.e. washing machine repair, cooker repair, dishwasher repair etc.

We cover Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford

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Irish Owned Company

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Multiple services provided

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Emily -Newtown

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We have used CSI a number of times for cleaning our house. It is great to have them come in, clean the house and leave it smelling fresh and clean. We get a good clean done about twice a year and will keep on doing it.

Amanda Kilmac

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Complete Services always provide great value for money and an excellent service. They were very careful when cleaning our carpets so they would not damage anything.